Banned Books Week Giveaway Hop: 2012

Banned Books Week: 2012

I participated in Banned Books Week last year, and loved it – I loved the response I got from bloggers, readers, and everyone in between. But I also loved seeing so many people come together to celebrate books and what they mean to us.

Books are such an integral part of my life – they inspire me, they influence me, and they house a huge part of my life. This blog has opened me up to so many different kind of books, different writing styles, and has given me a new respect for people that are different than me – all through a simple book. Books have the power to change people’s lives, to impact their futures, and ultimately – change the world we live in.

So never limit a child’s reading. Reading is supposed to grow the world, not shrink it. Let a child be a child, let them learn, and let them fall in love with the written word, because we are the future, and books are part of that path.

Happy Banned Books Week!

In honor of Banned Books Week I have created a giveaway that will be open during Banned Books Week Hop (September 27th – October 7th) for The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, a book I have read and adored. If somehow you got through school and life without reading it and would like to win a copy, enter the giveaway below! Please fill out the following form if you would like to be considered and check out Giveaway Policy page here for more information on how I run giveaways.

Please check out I Am A Reader, Not A Writer for more information about this Hop and the details so you can participate next year, and the Banned Books Week website to learn more about the week honoring books.

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