Austin Teen Book Festival.


That wasn’t technically one word, but you got the point. It was awesome. Totally and thoroughly awesome. I met so many cool authors (and interviewed a total of NINE! But all with Meredith, so some of those she conducted… But I had to hold the camera steady for the entire time!) and got free books for working the event. It was just all and all so darn awesome. Some highlights:


Met John Corey Whaley – and he’s super funny in person! : (with Meredith)

Finally met Leigh Bardugo, who is even sweeter in person:

why yes, that is a Charlie McDonnell gif.

Got a picture with Ally Carter! OMG! : (interview with Meredith)

And Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder:

Looking for more backstage videos, or just coverage of the fest? Check out the PRESS section of the website here, or the Youtube page here. And then there are some awesome photos on the ATBF Facebook page here. I may be posting some more of me and authors later – there are some on my Twitter page as well!

So all in all, I loved ATBF. For all of you who couldn’t make it, I hoep you make it next year! It’s a great event with a great line-up.

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