Clean: Book Review

Novel: Clean by Amy Reed | Goodreads
Release Date: July 19th, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
Challenge: None

“You’re probably wondering how I ended up here. I’m still wondering the same thing.”

Olivia, Kelly, Christopher, Jason, and Eva have one thing in common: They’re addicts. Addicts who have hit rock bottom and been stuck together in rehab to face their problems, face sobriety, and face themselves. None of them wants to be there. None of them wants to confront the truths about their pasts. And they certainly don’t want to share their darkest secrets and most desperate fears with a room of strangers. But they’ll all have to deal with themselves and one another if they want to learn how to live. Because when you get that high, there’s nowhere to go but down, down, down.

(Synopsis and Image from Goodreads)

Willa’s Rambles:

I readBeautiful last year, and it was one of those books that is just a hard book to read, andCleanis the same way. Both deal with very difficult topics to read about, but I think are very important topics to read about, especially when they’re written by Amy Reed, who writes these novels perfectly.

Clean is from the perspective of 5 kids in rehab, each one struggling with a different type of addiction, but all to some type of drug or pill. Four of them have been there for a little while, and then Olivia shows up and she makes them realize that they can still love someone and care about someone. She makes them face their pasts, and understand what it is like to get clean.

One of my favorite thing about this book is how the characters grew to like each other and become very close friends. At first, they all hated each other, but when Olivia arrives, they all grow closer while trying to save her, and by the end they are incredibly close. As a reader it was an amazing journey from the beginning to the end with these characters, and to read about how they changed and matured, and ultimately, got clean.

The way Clean is written is very unique. It dances back and forth from the group meeting with the five characters, the various assignments they are assigned to do (my favorite being the Essays because you get to read about their pasts), and then one of the characters points of view. This allows you to understand each one of the five’s lives and how they interact with each other.

Clean is another amazing novel by Amy Reed that shows the brutal truth of teen’s lives and what they face as they grow up, and ultimately, who they are.


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